10 Fonts to Follow in 2017

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The first two months of 2017 have already gone by and new trends are emerging in the web design industry. For example, 2017 is going to be the year of layouts that emphasize content but we’ll also see a rise in the dominance of big and bold type and adoption of brighter background colors to better express the personality of websites.

In this context, typography will become even more important in order to catch the attention of people, something that today is definitely not easy. That’s why we are going to have a look at some of the fonts that will become mainstream in 2017 and that can help you to create an interface that stands out.

Fonts To Watch in 2017


Free Fonts 2017
Akrobat is a free font designed by Plamen Motev. It is a modern sans serif with condensed proportions and comes in eight weights. The font features geometric aesthetics, neo-grotesque references and its narrow proportions make it perfect for headlines, logos and short paragraphs of text.

If you download this font, you will get a package with 500 glyphs with a wide range of languages, including Latin and Cyrillic.


Humger is a free font characterized by capital letters in a grunge style. It comes only in uppercase letters. This typeface is inspired by an old-school style with dirty effects in the body and its shapes express a strong character of urban style which features smudge effect, narrow texture, and an authentic vintage character. Therefore, Humger can be used by artists who want to create great emphasis in the viewers. Try this font for titles, headlines and infographics.


Sophia is a free font characterized by a hand-lettered style created by designer Emily Spadoni. She defines the typeface as a “sweet, saucy and little shabby font” which is perfect for infographics, websites and informal logos. The package includes uppercase and lowercase letters and a set of special symbols. The font has been developed in a way that, when you write, all the letters will join together, creating a perfect italic writing that evokes a fresh feeling.


Tuna is a typeface designed by Felix Braden and Alex Rutten. It was released in early 2017 but has already been able to stand out for its stylish traits. Tuna is a serif typeface that can be used for books, magazines and mobile applications with a well-defined calligraphic touch. This font is highly readable. It comes in five different weights (light, regular, medium, bold and heavy), each with italics. The serifs are not the classical ones you see on other typefaces — these are heavier and slightly arched in order to create more contrast and a dynamic structure.

The medium weight can be downloaded for free while other versions are $21.50 each.



Town is a font inspired by the art deco movement and contemporary lettering. This family of fonts has a classic feel but features contemporary proportions, styling and details. In the package, there are eight weights and nine decorative styles. The variety of styles helps you to create bespoke brand logos, stylish labels, engaging websites and fresh magazine layouts.

Moreover, the decorative styles can be mixed and matched while maintaining a harmonious look. Some of the styles can be layered to add a subtle shadow to headlines or create a full dimensional look with an inline face.

There several pricing options depending on the bundle of weights and styles you would like to purchase.

Madelyn is a handwritten font that’s similar to real handwriting, evoking a concept of individuality and of style. The typeface simulates calligraphy pen writing with some casual dry strokes. The family of fonts includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers and a large range of punctuation and symbols. You’ll find a set of handmade ornaments, icons and swashes as well.

This font is perfect for branding projects, logos, posters, greeting cards, titles, and for every situation in which you need to convey a personal touch.

The font is $37 for one variation.


Klasik is a free family of simple and functional sans serif fonts. If you download Klasik, you will get three different versions of the fonts: regular, rough and shadow. With these styles, you can easily develop designs and layouts that will perfectly fit into different projects. The font only comes with uppercase letters that are characterized by rough lines and a solid body.

Try Klasik for infographics, headlines, posters and designs in which you need to create a retro atmosphere.

klasik font


Proxima Soft is a rounded font designed by Mark Simonson that restyles the already existing Proxima Nova.
Proxima Soft includes 48 styles created by eight weights in three widths and italics. This font is perfect when you want something that is a bit warmer and more sinuous and playful than a traditional sans serif font. Considered the curvilinear style, this font is mostly suitable for informal projects, in particular for large headlines and eye-impacting words.

Proxima Soft styles are $29 each.
proxima font


Andis is a font developed by Joao Symington. It is a sans serif typeface that comes in six different weights, from thin to black, each with an italic version. It is available both in uppercase and lowercase letters; there are numbers and also a useful set of symbols.

Andis features a rough cut that makes it an interesting display font, but it works equally well in text sizes because it is highly readable. It is both functional and expressive and ideal for advertising and editorial work as well as for mobile interfaces and websites.

Each version of the font costs $18, but there are some discounted pricing options in case you would like to buy the whole package.
andis font


Kappa is a modern sans serif font that features some humanistic and geometric traits.

Kappa’s structure is a bit narrow in order to fit in a wide range of platforms and its height is high enough to allow a good legibility also in small sizes.

The font is provided in nine weights, each with italics, and in two different versions, text and display, in order to be used on a broad spectrum of solutions. Kappa is particularly suitable for graphic design and mobile applications.

Kappa is normally $25, but there’s a $4 sale through April 2, making it a real steal.
andis font